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Application #11

Identifying Theft and Damage

Application 11: You have received a report about a stolen card. You are asked to investigate when it was last used and to provide any other details about the transaction.

Solution: You can use the Infinity system report archives to look up copies of the site controller log files from days when the card may have been used. Your browser's find feature can be used to find any transactions with the card number in question. If you have the camera option, you can also provide an image of the vehicle at the island at the completion of the transaction.


•  On your Infinity Site Status page, click on the site name or site license number where the transaction in question took place.

•  Click Yes if the Security Alert window appears.

•  The Enter Network Password window will appear. I n the User Name box, type the site license number, and in the Password box, type your password and click ok . The Infinity Main Menu for that site will appear.

•  Click Browse History in the iSite section.

•  Select a log file for a date when you believe the stolen card may have been used. Log files appear as log.MMDDYY.html . Click on the desired report. You may need to search several dates.

•  In your browser menu bar, click Edit and then Find (on This Page) . In the Find What: box, enter the card number and click Find Next . The first place that number appears on the page will be highlighted. Click Find Next again to verify the card wasn't used more than once.

•  You may use Copy and Paste to copy the transaction into an Email to your customer. If you have the camera option, you can click on the transaction and also include a copy of the image of the vehicle at the island. To copy the image, right click on the image and use Copy and then use Paste in your Email program to insert it into your Email. (When you right click on the image, you can use the Save Picture As option to save the image to your hard drive . )

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