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What Are INFINITY Services?

Subscribe to Web-Point's patented Infinity portfolio of Internet based Site Managing Services to receive information about your fuel sites - right when it occurs. The Infinity software acts as your personal agent for fueling information. You do not have to sift through logs or reports, nor wait for your users to inform you about problems. We call it "management by exception." When events you previously identified as important to you occur, the Infinity software immediately notifies your designated recipients. You become proactive instead of reactive, and do not have to deal with an excessive amount of information that you will not use.

The Infinity software allows you to remotely monitor your sites in real time with out waiting for employees to visit sites or more importantly, for your customers to inform you of problems. The Infinity software allows you to call your customers, in most cases before a driver returns to their office, to explain why they were not able to get fuel.

INFINITY SITE MANAGER SOFTWARE is sold in service modules: iSite, iTank, iTran, iFleet, and iWatch. You can Subscribe to the modules individually or in any combination (note: iFleet requires iSite and iTank modules)

iSite provides a watchful eye over fueling sites, automatically alerting you when deviations occur in your fueling operations. Based on a "management by exception" philosophy, iSite will automatically notify you when your sites need attention so you can more efficiently and effectively control your operations. Become proactive instead of reactive.

•  Maximizes both the uptime of your sites and user satisfaction.
Take care of problems quicker. When equipment fails (e.g., disabled pump), iSite can page a technician or e-mail a repair order to your service company.

•  Avoid unnecessary trips and the associated costs to check on site conditions.
iSite notifies you by e-mail, pager and / or phone text message when there is a problem.

•  Provide unparalleled customer service.
iSite can notify your personnel by e-mail when a customer/user forgets their PIN, their card does not work, or their fuel limits are set too low. Call your customers and ask if you can help them, before they have to come to you.

  Capture thefts and equipment damage.
With the optional camera server interface, iSite can capture the fueling of personal vehicles or equipment damage and store the image with the transaction.

•  Access archived transaction data and reports.
Archived information is stored on the Infinity secure server at our host data center. All information is viewable and printable on-demand from any Internet web browser.

•  Directly contact your sites to access system features from anywhere you have Internet access.

iSite captures all of the data outputted from your site controller printer port - transactions, diagnostic information, error conditions, etc. You can also designate iSite to run specified site controller reports. iSite scans the captured information for key events you want to monitor. The key events, as well as the corresponding action and recipients (e-mail addresses, pager numbers), are maintained in tables in iSite. You can easily add, change, or delete entries in the tables. When an event is detected, iSite immediately e-mails or pages the individuals, which are designated in the table. If you have "down" equipment that is scheduled to be fixed in the future, you can set iSite to not notify you again until after the service call is scheduled. With the optional camera server and cameras, a video image is captured at the end of each fueling transaction and linked to the transaction for viewing on demand.

iTank helps manage your site's fuel inventory by providing real-time inventory and alarm information from your site tank gauge. iTank is compatible with Veeder Root TLS 250/350 and other Veeder Root compatible tank gauge systems.

•  Avoid unnecessary trips and associated costs to check on your tank status.
iTank notifies you by e-mail or page when alarms or other designated conditions occur with the tank gauge.

•  Automatically order fuel when the inventory reaches a predetermined level.
iTank can automatically email your delivery orders to your fuel carrier.

•  Directly contact your tank gauges to access system features from anywhere you have Internet access.

•  Access archived tank gauge reports.
Archived information is stored on the Infinity secure server at our host data center. All information is viewable and printable from any Internet web browser. For example, store and access TLS 350s PLLD test histories and CLSD histories for EPA compliance as required.

iFleet provides additional web-based reporting capabilities for the information captured by the iSite and iTank modules .

•  Access your fueling information from anywhere you have Internet access.
You can access your fueling information on your secure web site at the Infinity host through any Internet web browser.

•  Customize your own transaction and fuel usage reports.
Reports show by date ranges transactions and deliveries by site, by product and by date.

•  Projected Inventory Usage.
The system uses transaction sales from the iSite module and inventory from the iTank module to project the average sales by site, by product, by day of the week, and then by the hour. Using this information it will tell you the date and time the tanks will run out of fuel

iTran converts site controller communications to a compatible protocol for transmitting via a frame relay network, the Internet (via 56K dial-up phone line, DSL, ISDN, or cable modem), or your Intranet to a remote host for transaction authorization.

•  3-6 Second Authorization!

•  Protect other network services at the remote host via routing communications via Infinity proxy server(s).

•  Using iTran is very cost affective.

•  Now available in GASBOY and CCIS interfaces


•  Link transactions in iSite to still images and live video of each transaction.

When the iSite and iWatch modules are used together all transactions and events are linked together with a still image and motion video.

•  Security surveillance system with Internet based interface.

•  You can access the security system over the Internet allowing you to view current live video as well as history playback.





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