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Customer Testimonials

River City PetroleumThe biggest benefit to us is that we no longer have to worry about checking our tanks. The Infinity system emails us when we need fuel. Plus, when our tank records were recently audited, we could easily go back through the Infinity archives and print our various tank gauge reports for the auditor. I know there are other services out there that provide tank inventory information, but they do not tell you the status of your dispensing equipment. The great thing about the Infinity Services is that we get the information about all of our fuel dispensing and monitoring equipment from one source via the internet. We know instantly when we have dispensers down at the site. We need to make sure our equipment is always available so customers do not have to go somewhere else to fuel. Attaching the video images to the transactions is great. Just last week, we received a report about a stolen card. We were able to instantly search when it was last used, and we were able to email the customer with a copy the image of the vehicle, which was at the island at the time. With our previous video recorders, we had to review the tape to find what we wanted and it was very time consuming. We could spend five hours searching for a specific event. Now we can go right to the transaction in question. - Dave Jackson, River City Petroleum

We started receiving gains in customer satisfaction within a week and a half of installing the Infinity Services. I was playing around with the system to learn more about how it worked, and I noticed that there was Suburu in a video image the system attached to a fueling transaction of one of our commercial customers. I called the company owner to ask if they had a Suburu, and he said no, but their employee did. He was very appreciative, and impressed with the level of service and security we could supply. The system has also really helped us with fuel spill costs. If we have a fuel spill, we look back at the images attached to the transactions and we can determine who was the culprit by when the fuel spill first appears in the image. If the customer made no attempt to clean it up with the supplies we have at the site, then we charge them for the clean-up. Before using the Infinity Services, we had several instances where we ran out of product - either someone was too busy or was on vacation and the product level was overlooked. Since we installed the Infinity software, we have not had an outage. The software e-mails three people when the product hits the reorder level so we are always covered. The Infinity Services also give me the convenience of monitoring my site from home via the internet. I can check on the site, actually view it, and make sure everything is running properly. It alerts me when something goes wrong, and I can try to fix it remotely. If I cannot fix it, I can then dispatch someone from home. I do not have to wait until I come in the morning to see how the site is running. - Jay Walton, Clyde S. Walton, Inc.

Using the Infinity Services has become "the way of life" for our company. I can't imagine operating without it. Nearly every segment of our daily work is enhanced by Infinity Services. Our sites are some distance from our office and we depend on the Infinity Services to effectively keep up with inventory and alert our transport provider for deliveries. We are then emailed when the delivery has been completed. We have recently started adding a premium additive to our diesel fuel and this too is tracked through the Infinity Services as well as the winter additive. The Infinity system sends pages and emails to our office and key personnel when there is a problem at the sites. It also allows us to track maintenance and security visits to each site. It has definitely saved us time and money being able to detect problems prior to sending repair people to the sites. The Infinity Services are definitely responsible for our prompt and effectual customer service. We are able to inform company owners or fleet managers when they have a driver having problems using his or her fuel cards due to invalid product selection, PIN number, or exceeding their limits. Drivers have called us from the site and we were able to detect their problem and help them get their fuel and be on their way. Unfortunately for ex-employees, drivers attempting to use invalid cards, or pumping fuel into unauthorized vehicles, we have been able to provide proof and capture a picture of the incident on several occasions. Keli Spangler, customer service manager, greets the Infinity Services first thing every morning to check the status of our sites and errors created by our customers since the day before and places a call to the person needed to correct the problem. It is a much-appreciated tool she uses all day long. - Pat Evans, U.S. Fleet

The service is invaluable to us at Plavan Commercial Fueling from time and cost standpoints. Our fuel purchaser is constantly accessing the Infinity System for real time inventory levels. Prior to your service, he would estimate inventory levels based on a couple of faxes each day. Now, he manages our inventory much more effectively and we never run out fuel. The iSite is essential to our organization because the majority of our fuel sites are unmanned. Our cardlock manager can access our fuel site management system through the Internet and check pump and system status reports. The system is simple enough that any of our employees are able to go online and reset pumps when there is a problem. Every minute our fuel sites are down costs us money and the iSite has reduced our downtime significantly. At one of our sites, the iTran saves us approximately $150 per month on transaction fees. The difference is the flat fee versus the monthly fee plus a per transaction fee. The transaction fees were costing us $175 per month. Overall we are very happy with Infinity service. - Jake Zuanich, Plavan Commercial Fueling





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