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Application #13

Automating Inventory Deliveries & Record-Keeping

Application 13: You frequently run out of fuel, especially when you are on vacation or preoccupied with other projects.

Solution: You can setup the Infinity event notification feature to automatically notify you and/or your co-workers by Email or pager/phone messaging when the tank gauge indicates the tank has reached the reorder level. Or better yet, also include the Email address of your fuel carrier so they are notified directly! A quick glance at your Infinity home page can tell you if you are about to run out of fuel at any of your sites in the next 36 hours based on your previous sales histories at the sites.


•  On the Infinity Site Status page, click Infinity Configuration .

•  On the Infinity Configuration Menu page, select the desired site in the Site: drop down box and click the Load button.

•  In the Common Configuration section, click Alert Groups .

•  Find the alert group called low product and click on the radio button next to it.

•  On the bottom of the screen, click the Change button.

•  In the Email Addresses box, you can list the Email address(es) or the pager/phone messaging address(es) that you wish to be notified when either Delivery Needed or Low Product Alarm events occur. Position your cursor at the end of the last entry and press ENTER. Type the address. If you have multiple entries, press ENTER after each entry so there is one entry per line. When you are finished, click the Save button.

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