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Application #19

Verifying Contractor Work at the Site

Application 19: You want to confirm via Email when your security company visits your site each day and at what time. While the security company is there, you would like them to check that each of your receipt printers is working correctly. You would like them to fill out a checklist and fax it back to you.

Solution: When the security company visits the site they can be required to slide a special card with account number 888888888 . The Infinity System has been set up to look for an 888888888 event, and will Email anyone listed in the Contractor alert group with the date and time so they know when the security personnel were on-site. This event also executes a special command file that was loaded on your site controller as part of the Infinity installation. The command file prints a receipt to up to three card readers so that the receipt printers can be checked that they are working. The command will also print a checklist to a printer attached to the Infinity PC (if they have a printer). The security personnel can be required to complete the checklist and fax it back to you when they return to their office.


NOTE: This feature has been pre-setup in your system around the card number 888888888 . If you wish to use another card number, you will need to make the changes to your Infinity configuration to look for the card number you are using, notify the contractor alert group, and to execute the Gosecur.cmd command file.

Create Your Security Card

•  Encode or order a card from Gasboy with account number 888888888 .

Enter Who You Want Notified into the Contractor Alert Group

•  To enter your notification recipients into the contractor alert group, on the Infinity Site Status page, click Infinity Configuration .

•  On the Infinity Configuration Menu page, select the desired site in the Site: drop down box and click the Load button.

•  In the Common Configuration section, click Alert Groups .

•  Find the alert group called contractor and click on the radio button next to it.

•  On the bottom of the screen, click the Change button.

•  In the Email Addresses box, you can list the Email address(es) that you wish to be notified when the contractor events occur. Position your cursor at the end of the last entry and press ENTER. Type the address. If you have multiple entries, press ENTER after each entry so there is one entry per line. When you are finished, click the Save button.

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