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Application #7

Capturing, Diagnosing, & Correcting Equipment Problems

Application 7: You fixed the problem with card reader #1 and you want to verify it is definitely fixed and does not go down again.

Solution: You can set up the Infinity Event Notification feature to notify you immediately by Email or pager/phone messaging if card reader #1 goes down.


•  In application 5, we set the alert group box to none when adding the card reader #1 went down event and hold file to the Event Notifications screen. If you wish to be contacted immediately, as well as have all of the events collected in the hold file, just list your alert group in the alert group box.

•  To modify this after the fact, you will need to use the Search feature in the iSite Event Notifications screen to find the event type.

•  Make sure the radio button next to the desired event type is selected, and click the Change button on the bottom of the screen.

•  Select your desired alert group from the Alert Group drop down box, and then click the Save button.

NOTE: If you are listed in the failureandreset alert group, you would already be set up to immediately receive notification of this particular event since it is an equipment failure message

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