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Application #9

Capturing, Diagnosing, & Correcting Equipment Problems

Application 9: Pump #8 is down at one of your sites and the service technician indicates he cannot get the service part for two weeks. You want to make sure that pump #8 is not forgotten and left out of service.

Solution: You can set up the Infinity event notification feature to temporarily suspend the disabled notification for that particular pump for the two-week period. At the end of the two-week period, if the pump is not placed back in service, you will be notified.


•  We will assume you are already listed in the failureandreset alert group, so you would receive notifications that pump #8 is disabled. Since the pump will not be fixed for two weeks, you want to disable the notifications for that time period.

•  On the Infinity Site Status page, click Infinity Configuration .

•  On the Infinity Configuration Menu page, select the desired site in the Site: drop down box and click the Load button.

•  In the Common Configuration section, click Event Groups .

•  When disabling an event, you must first determine where that event originates, so you know where to go to disable it. Pump disabled messages originate from the site controller diagnostic report, so click on diagnostic .

•  Click on the down arrow in the upper left corner of the table to enable the search feature.

•  Make sure there are asterisks (wildcards) in all of the drop down boxes. If not, select the asterisk from the applicable drop down box.

•  In the Event Description drop down box, find the #8 disabled event (pumps are the only disabled events so it is not necessary to have "pump" in the description). You can find the event description by using the scroll bar, down arrows, or by clicking in the box and entering the first character of the description and then using the scroll features. Once you find the description, click on it so it displays in the Event Description box.

•  Click on the right facing arrow on the left end of the row to search for the event.

•  When the event appears, click on the Change button on the bottom of the screen.

•  In the Disable Until box, enter the time you wish notification to be disabled until (in the example, two weeks from now). The format for the time is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss .

•  Click the Save button. You will not be notified of any pump #8 disabled events until after the date you entered. If the pump does not get fixed, then the next time that event occurs after that time, you will receive notification to remind you that it still is not fixed.

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